Learn Digital Marketing For Free Online Easily 100% Earn Money

Learn Digital Marketing For Free Online Easily 100% Earn Money: Now You are at right place just start learn “Digital markeging” in Easy way then Earn Real Income online. Easy Digital Marketing is to selling products and services on such platforms like Seo, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and througth mobile applictions. In the digital markegint we user any type of electronic devices where we provided the content to the user like Smartphones, mobiles, tablets, ipads, smart tv, higtech wifi with display, Smart bluetooth with media screens and much more.


What? things you required to start Digital Marketing online as freely ‘Today’ as a biggner to pro.

First you need to learn about 20 Big ethics of Online Marketing

1. Domain (buy from Godaddy at discount)

2. Hosting (buy from GoViralHost with off)

3. WordPress (Instal wordpress with cPanel)

4. Search engine optimization (SEO)

5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

6. Content Marketing (CM)

7. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

8. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

9. Affiliate Marketing (AM)

10. Email Marketing (EM)

11. News Paper Marketing (NPM)

12. Radio Marketing (RM)

13. Post Card Marketing (PCM)

14. Pamplate Marketing (PM)

15. Invitation Card Marketing (ICM)

16. Tv Marketing (TM)

17. Mobile Phone Marketing (MPM)

18. Card Code Marketing (CCM)

19. Banner Ad Marketing (BAM)

20. Blogger Marketing (BM)

Before Start make money do these simple steps only and Earn 100% Real Income in (Bank Account)

If you follow these steps then you receive a message in your mobile ($$$0000. amount is recived in your bank account).

Blogging – Part of Digital Marketing World (Fast and easy way to get more & more income message in your mobile).

Blogging (blog) website design (WordPress) – These platforms to manage the content and to show the users.

like Visitors, Users, Audiances, Peoples, Owner, Managers, CEO, Vice Precident and Any good individual or a company who visit on any landing page, website or a blog. Like (www.hitechsky.com):

Step by Step Make Money and get $$$0000. amount Message!


1. Domain – Buy any good website from Godaddy like hitechsky.com

Let’s Go started – https://in.godaddy.com – Search your favourite domain in a search box.




₹ 1,049.00 ₹ 199.00  for the first year with a 2 year registration

Second page is open

Before Click – Continue to Cart

Choose – No Thanks!

Start your website for FREE. (laready check in a box)

Create an email address that matches your domain.

Choose – No Thanks!

Click – Continue to Cart

Your Items –

mynameislol.com – $11.42 / ₹849.00

.COM Domain Registration

choose – 1 year

Remove – Full Domain Privacy and Protection – Deleted

Remove – Professional Email – Individual – 1 year(s) – Deleted

Have a promo code? – use this coupon (cjcded99r)

In this step you need to create new account or login your existing account

Create an Account

or create with

Then Sign in again – with your Email/Username & Password.

Sign in – Godaddy

or sign in with

Security step process if you Enable this – 2 step verification with your mobile phones

2-Step Verification
Please enter the 6-digit verification code your mobile application “Google Authenticator” generated

6-digit Code

124243 – Verify Code
Having trouble signing in?

Go to – Domains

mynameislol.com ∴ – (top right click on three dots)

Basic Privacy Protection


go to – Manage DNS

Change – Nameservers

Using default nameservers – Change (tab here)

Connect My Domain to a Website

Changing nameservers is risky, and could potentially lead to your website disappearing from public view. We can help you achieve your objectives while keeping your nameservers with us to get rock-solid security infrastructure, light-speed resolution and global reach.

Enter My Own Nameservers
Changing nameservers is risky, and change could potentially lead to your website disappearing from public view.

Nameserver 1 type this – (bs1.goviralhost.com) your hosting nameservers1

Nameserver 2 type this – (fs3.goviralhost.com) your hosting nameservers2


Then you need to buy hosting account let’s begain to buy at reasonable price under $10.

Star You Free Blog on Blogger.com

Google AdSense

Google Adsense is a world popular top most favourite Monetization pletform for Websites, Blogger, Youtube, Admob. Where All over the world’s Publishers / Advertisers already uses this pletform to Earn make $$$ Money.

Adsense Approval

First of all you required to Publish 20 to 30 unique articles for you website. Which is never seen by Adsense team, Several Hints for you to make a Unique Post.

  • You need to publish some posts about school learning metirials
  • Technology blog with latest tech news, mobiles, gadgets
  • Information related with Banks, organisations, enterprenures
  • Mobile phones latest news and your own comparisons
  • Problem solving articles like how to make a good website
  • Seo related posts and how to improve website ranking

Frankly you can use these topics to write a wonderful highely SEO optimized content with 100% Plagiarism free. Some other importent things also matter for your website. Which is to help to make a professional look of your website. Some of these importent steps are given below:

  1. Your website profestional design it’s important to you to use a premium or good looking theme for your wordpress website.
  2. Also sure your theme layout is suitable for Adsense policy and responsive for Mobile friendly.
  3. Your domain also haveing a special important pages like (About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Ters & Conditions).
  4. Never copy other website content you will never get adsense approval if you use any single pehragraph in your website.
  5. When your website’s all posts are properly indexed in google and it receives few traffic on your website then your website is ready for adsense.
  6. Finally you completed all these things and use or these valuable information step by step then you will going for Adsense and apply your application.

After Applying of your Application to Google Adsense they review that in website and after few weeks you will receive a Email from their team. If they approved your website (mynameislol.com) then you start to make $$$ money online.

Copy ad code from Ads section

Just – copy the ads code from your new account (ads section) and paste into your website.

Ads Placement

Go WordPress – Appearance – Theme Editor – header.php

find this <heard> (use control+F)


–your adsense ad code here–


<!– Adsense Ad Code –>
<ins class=”adsbygoogle”
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

It takes few hours to visible the ads in your new website. If your already receive lot’s of daily visitors then all ads formates are easily display with in a day.

after a few months when you start earning 1$ or more then you need to verify your identity.

When you reach at 10$ then you will recive a PIN (Personal Identification Number) from google with post mail in your home address. You required to fill a propler true address of your locality with pin code where you will recive a post mail easily at your home/office.

After daily of work or spend your full off months whether you reach out at 100$ thresh hold then you need to add your bank account details before 1st date of next month. other wise you receive a payment after this month to next month on a date 21st.

Google take time to procession your account and it will send you a email message of your adsense account Gmail for transfering a money into your bank acount. That is a confermation email by adsense automated machine know to you about their funds transfer.

You banks takes one or two weeks to received money from google and further move in to your account. (holidays not included all the banks are closed on that days).

Now you’re become a pro to earn income with your website and you’ll make a big money only if you read, complete our this article and follow the steps.

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