3 Key Benefits of Serviced Offices for Large Businesses

3 Key Benefits of Serviced Offices for Large Businesses

For business owners in Australia, office space in the country’s CBD is becoming more expensive. This creates a challenge for startups and growing businesses who simply cannot afford high rent demand in major business districts. However, rather than being pushed into the suburbs where business is much less efficient and there are fewer opportunities to network, savvy business owners are looking for serviced offices to bridge this gap.

Serviced offices give growing SMEs the opportunity to reach a reputable office address without having to sign an expensive long-term lease. While not committed to expensive office space, business owners can focus their energy and resources on more important matters. Offices serviced by premium providers not only thrive in the best areas for businesses, they also come with a host of other features that benefit businesses that are already growing and are serious entities within their industry Are expanding in

Continue reading to learn how a serviced office can benefit your growing business.

Full package

With a serviced office you can come and go as you please, knowing that you already have everything you need for your day-to-day business work. Premium serviced offices are equipped with fine leather furniture, video conferencing facilities, an incredibly fast 1GB fiber internet connection and a highly trained and experienced support team to help you run your business. With all of this already set up and ready to go, when you walk through the door, you can continue to run your business, reach new customers, and improve your business processes.

Reduce the cost of your business

In more traditional office settings, your expenses can quickly get out of hand, which can be detrimental to a small business that is just beginning to experience growth.

However, with a serviced office, there are no long-term contracts to sign and you pay just a monthly fee to cover all expenses associated with your office space. There is no additional cost for your dedicated receptionist or 24-hour IT support staff and you will not have any utility bills at the end of the month. What’s more, you don’t have to buy any office equipment or furniture, because everything is already included in the package. A serviced office eventually gives you all the scope and technology you need at a fraction of the cost of more traditional office space.

The right first impression

In business, first impressions are everything. In fact, in business you have about 7 seconds to make a first impression on your customers and, as we all know, you only get one shot at that first impression. With a premium serviced office, you will have a dedicated receptionist to greet your customers at your prestigious office location. You give them tea and coffee for free, as you discuss business and really wow them while enjoying the stunning views of whatever city you are located in.

What’s more, the very best serviced office providers have an unbranded 5-star fit equipped with original artwork featuring walls and luxurious leather furniture. All these features come together to give the impression of success and grandeur, which helps build confidence in your business and establish new relationships that will lead to greater growth and success in the future.

Benefits of serviced offices

If your business is starting to experience growth, it is important that you do what you can to capitalize on that success and keep it going. With a serviced office, you will have access to everything you need to ensure that your business is in the best possible position to grow. Located in prime locations, premium serviced offices allow you to network, build business relationships and make the best possible impressions on your customers. With a serviced office at your disposal, you can focus on the important elements of your business and experience growth going forward.

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